The main differences between Dental veneer vs crown
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Although many people talk about the crown and dental veneers as if they were different names for the same treatment, the differences are notorious. Both of their function and for the procedure of preparation and placement. Dental veneers are used for different things than covers or crowns. In this article, I will show you what the differences between crowns and dental veneers are.

Dental veneers vs crown

Colloquially it is thought that the veneers and the dental crowns or crowns fulfill the same function. However, both treatments do not serve the same pathologies or solve the same problems.

In broad strokes can say that the veneers have an eminently aesthetic mission, to repair small imperfections and give the tooth a prettier appearance.

On the other hand, the dental crowns or crowns are used when, after endodontics, it is not possible to reconstruct the part of the piece that has been lost; so there is no choice but to put on the tooth a crown that replaces this.

In this second case, the crown would allow recovering the full functionality of that tooth, something that does not happen with the veneers, which can only be placed on healthy and fully functional teeth.

What are the dental veneers?

The dental veneers are very thin porcelain sheets that stick on the visible part of the teeth to correct small irregularities in a particular piece, slightly crooked teeth or that are ugly because of stains and discolorations.

Dental veneers are the best solution to get one or more teeth to recover the splendor they had lost. But these types of treatments only have an aesthetic function. Keep reading this content also

In fact, you could not put on your dental veneers if you had a dental problem in your mouth, because the veneers are an aesthetic repair, but they do not cure.

Therefore, dental pathologies must first be treated before moving on to a second aesthetic and restorative phase.

We have a vocation for aesthetic dentistry, and we offer the following types of dental veneers:

Composite dental veneers: they are very quick to put on, they do not require dental carving, and they are permanent. The sheets are made of composite.

Dental veneers of lithium: the veneers known commercially as E-Max are the most resistant and neither is it necessary a previous dental carving.

Luminaires dental veneers: the veneers of celebrities are so fine and real that they give an exceptional result.

Dental veneer vs crown

What is the dental crown?

A dental crown is a dental piece made to measure for each patient. Imitating to the maximum the aesthetics of the original, from materials very similar to real teeth.

The crown or cover is placed on a tooth that is damaged. So that, the new crown replaces the functionality of the tooth that cannot be reconstructed using a filling.

In case of a major break -or when a root canal has caused a partial loss that prevents the normal use of this piece. The dental crowns are made to measure so that it fits on the tooth. After having previously carved with the intention that the new crown fits over the original tooth.

Occasionally, the crowns are also used with an aesthetic purpose. When a tooth has very large spots. It will not disappear even with a whitening. The placement of the dental veneers is not possible either.

And not only that, since the own crown that has been placed on the tooth or tooth. It has been broken serves to protect the tooth, being able to eat normally without fear of suffering a new mishap.

Dental veneer vs crownUse of veneers and crowns in the same treatment

That they are two different treatments, does not imply that they are incompatible with them. It is possible -and relatively usual. In certain cases, both treatments are used in the same patient.

If you are looking for a rehabilitative and restorative function, in addition to aesthetics. We may choose to apply veneers on the teeth that only have small imperfections that are easy to correct. We have to use crowns on those. They are more damaged or with more serious breaks.

It is also common the placement of veneers on the teeth of the previous sector, which are the most seen while opting for crowns that are part of the posterior sector.

Final thought,

Dental veneers or crowns can be a great dilemma for many patients. But this question is not so complicated, since in here. We will always recommend the treatment that is most appropriate for the morphology and condition of your mouth in particular. Maybe you think that the veneers are more convenient for you. Then it turns out that the crowns give you a much nicer and safer result.

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