The false dental myths that you should not believe
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There are many dental myths and home remedies that reach our ears through the mouths of friends and acquaintances or that we read on Internet sites. However, many of them are not true and can cause problems to our oral health.  We share some False dental myths in about dental health.

1 –  The caries of milk teeth do not affect the definitive ones

False belief that has been responsible for serious problems in the final dentition. Tooth decay needs to be treated as soon as possible.

2.- Caries always hurt

False. Caries can be present in a tooth, mainly in the enamel, without the patient feeling any pain. Likewise, if the decay reaches the dentin area and the tooth loses the vitality of its nerve, it may not notice any type of pain. The pain starts when the infection spreads to the dentin in contact with cold or hot drinks or sugars. If the infection reaches the nerve, it can become infected and the pain increases. Periodic reviews are the best tool to detect caries early.

3- Pregnancy causes loss of teeth in the mother due to lack of calcium

False dental myths, during pregnancy the hormonal alteration produces changes in the gums increasing the deposit of bacteria. They have an increased risk of gingivitis and tooth decay. That’s why pregnant women need to maximize their dental hygiene and go to the dentist during pregnancy.

4-Chewing gum replaces brushing

False dental myths very widespread. It contributes to generate more saliva and improve the PH but in no case can replace dental floss, interdental brush and toothbrush.

5-The bicarbonate is good for whitening teeth

Although it was formerly used as a bleach, it is not recommended as it is very abrasive and causes damage to the enamel. Dental whitening should only be done by a dentist. False myths

6-Mouthwashes do not stain teeth

In principle mouth rinses should not stain the teeth now, those that contain chlorhexidine do stain the teeth if they use continuously. Its time of use must be marked by the dentist. Keep reading

 7.-With rinsing the mouth is enough

False dental myths. Rinsing is a complementary method to improve dental hygiene but in no case is it a substitute for brushing or flossing.

8-Amalgam fillings (mercury fillings) are toxic

This is false dental myths. The main dental organizations in the world (International Dental Federation, American Dental Association, General Dentist Council, etc.) consider these seals safe, resistant, and long-lasting.

9-The teeth are responsible for bad breath

bad breath

This is half false since bad breath appears due to lack of dental hygiene and accumulation of remains and bacteria. Sometimes it has its origin in gastrointestinal problems.

10-Wisdom teeth should always be removed

They should only be removed when their position and development causes infections or problems for the rest of the teeth. Each case must be evaluated by a dentist. False myths

11-Aspirin on the tooth removes the pain

False dental myths. It is an old belief that caused serious problems in the gums. Nowadays AAS is used for other ailments.

12-Teeth with dental covers are immune to decay

False. The lack of hygiene causes cavities under the covers that are very difficult to detect.

13-Implants are for life

Nothing is forever. Again the lack of dental hygiene, the accumulation of bacteria and the patient’s own physiology greatly affect its duration.

14.-Dental cleanings damage or scratch teeth

False. Dental cleaning is used to remove plaque and tartar that is deposited on the teeth and therefore prevent future pathologies, such as periodontitis, also known colloquially as “pyorrhea.” At least one cleaning per year is recommended.

15.- Hard brushes clean better than soft brushes

False. All the brushes fulfil their function of hygiene in the same way, and it has been demonstrated that hard brushes can cause wounds in the patient’s gums.

16 .- If you have “pyorrhea” all the teeth are lost

False dental myths. Periodontitis or pyorrhea can trigger the loss of some teeth but only if it is not treated or if the disease is in a very developed stage.

17-Dentures are for life

False. The materials must be replaced by their wear and pollution. The gingival tissues evolve over the years so that the rigidity of the prosthesis can generate discomfort, which is why it should be revised or replaced in the clinic.

18-Dental technicians can attend patients clinically

False dental myths. The dental technician also knew as mechanical dentist’ manufactures the prosthesis prescribed by the dentist and the dentist is the only one legally and training to work in the patient’s mouth. They are professions that complement each other but do not overlap since the prosthetist can never have clinical contact with the patient since it would constitute a criminal offence of intrusion. You may also like The properties of these foods benefit your oral hygiene

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