How To Properly Whiten Teeth With Activated Charcoal?
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Modern dentistry offers many methods of returning teeth to natural whiteness, but even today many people try to achieve the desired result with the help of proven folk remedies. These include teeth whitening with activated charcoal. The technique was used many centuries ago, but then charcoal was the main component. Today, it is more appropriate to use a medicinal product, in which a variety of useful organic substances can be found.

They have a number of physical and chemical properties, thanks to which literally dissolve the dark coating on the surface of the enamel and absorb it. Most experts recommend brushing teeth with activated charcoal to coffee and tea lovers, avid smokers. Continue reading- 10 rules for having white teeth and oral hygiene

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Folk MethodsActivated Charcoal

The positive side of teeth whitening, in which activated carbon acts as the main component, is as follows:

  • The component costs a penny, so even regular therapy will not have a noticeable impact on the budget.
  • The product is not classified as scarce, you can purchase it at any pharmacy.
  • The bleaching procedure can be carried out by carrying out manipulations of three kinds, therefore everyone can choose for itself a suitable option.
  • All possible approaches are simple and do not require special skills.
  • If the cleaning, when activated charcoal is used, is combined with rinsing the oral cavity with a decoction of oak bark, the result will be more pronounced. An additional plus of the approach is the strengthening of the gums.
  • The use of the drug according to the recommended scheme is absolutely safe for the organism, even if its significant part gets into the stomach.

Unfortunately, if you use the technique incorrectly or perform procedures too often, you can provoke the development of side effects. Such measures are absolutely contraindicated in childhood when working with unfired enamel when wearing braces and a few months after they are removed.

Can I clean my teeth with activated charcoal?Activated Charcoal

There are several options for using coal to whiten enamel, and cleaning is considered one of the main. The main thing is to bring the product to the desired state to prevent damage to the fragile surface. In addition, the component can be used as an active additive to the usual toothpaste. Equally popular with the chewing of tablets. This approach is as close as possible to the method used by women of fashion in ancient times.

Tip: Combining a variety of approaches is strongly discouraged, coal should only be used in one form. Even the alternation of manipulations, taking into account the recommended timing, may turn out to be too aggressive for the enamel, and lead to thinning of the enamel.

How often can I brush my teeth with activated charcoal?Activated Charcoal

Despite the fact that activated carbon consists of components of natural origin, too often it is strictly forbidden to use it. The optimal frequency is considered to be the selected procedure every two weeks. And after receiving the first positive results even less.

To minimize the risks of such manipulations it is recommended to combine with procedures aimed at strengthening enamel. In extreme cases, a couple of days before the procedure and for the same time after it will have to use toothpaste with a high content of calcium and fluoride compounds.

How to properly brush your teeth with activated carbon and use other approaches?Activated Charcoal

Activated carbon as a bleaching component can be used in one of the following ways …

  • As an additive to toothpaste. Several tablets of coal are ground to a uniform fine powder. On one standard tube of paste, an average of 10 tablets of the product goes. You can immediately mix a large amount of the product. But in this case, it will be difficult to put the paste back into the package. It is better to store coal and store it in a clean plastic bag or plastic container. In this case, the mixture will need to be prepared only before the procedure. The cleaning itself does not differ from the standard procedure. Only after it will be necessary to clean out the particles of coal from the space between the teeth and the paranoiac pockets.
  • As a cleaning powder. A more aggressive technique, which, however, will give a quick result. Just lightly moisten the brush, dipped it in the coal dust and conduct a standard cleaning of teeth. After that, you will have to brush your teeth again with a regular paste to clean the coal.
  • As a chewing substance. A very convenient method that is used not only at home. You need to chew a tablet of coal for five minutes, trying to maximize the use of teeth. Then rinse your mouth and, if necessary, clean the product with a thread or toothpick.

It is worth considering that for this method, different people can have the opposite reaction. Some people after a few procedures enjoy a positive result, others observe signs of thinning of enamel and even inflammatory process. You need to closely monitor your condition during therapy when you have uncomfortable sensations. You need to take a break or stop whitening.

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