Activated charcoal teeth whitening: How to do it?
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In the era of the selfie and social life, it is increasingly important to have a perfect smile. But above all a dazzling white. However, do we run and fight daily with coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes and dental stains? No problem. For some time now, a less invasive and above all less aggressive remedy has been introduced in the market, even with the continuation of time. We are talking about Activated charcoal teeth whitening.

Activated charcoal teeth whitening paste

charcoal teeth whitening paste

This new paste, which is also found in powder. Instead of thinning the dental enamel, risking to bring it to an even worse stage than the initial yellowing we were fighting manages to whiten the teeth in a natural way. Without using chemical reactions, even if it is of a solid black color. Activated charcoal teeth whitening paste is coming from its main active ingredient – bioactive vegetal carbon.

The teeth move from one color yellowish/brownish to its natural color, not white at 100%. But tied to the nuance that has always characterized our smile. If you are wondering how this is possible, it is very simple.

The teeth lighten thanks to a mechanical and absorbing action, which involves the removal of the yellow “patina,” and an attraction with the relative elimination of toxins and microbes that are usually present on the teeth.

Use of Activated charcoal teeth whitening paste

The dosage is simple since it is used as a very common toothpaste. Therefore for daily use, for which it is possible to see the improvements within a month. If you see that some black residues are resting on your arches, do not worry. It provides a vigorous rinse or in extreme cases even with ulterior teeth cleaning. This time with a traditional toothpaste.

Attention, at the time of purchase. Allow yourself a few more minutes to read the ingredients contained in the tube, to make sure you do not lie in some mockery. Unfortunately, not all products are natural. So, make sure that there are no black dyes (which favor the first association with carbon black). All elements derived from bamboo, coconuts, willow or popular, but not from petrolatum.

If you are skeptical, you must not be fearful either. The charcoal was used since ancient times, not only for removing stains from the teeth. But to promote digestion, to mitigate and eliminate problems of halitosis. If you are so hesitant then buy a new toothbrush and take a test using that. You will see that from the black paste, you will have white teeth!

Does the Activated charcoal teeth whitening works?

Yes, activated charcoal works, bleaching the superficial stains of the teeth. There are more concentrated compositions and products that have a greater whitening capacity.

Can activated charcoal ruin tooth enamel? It depends on the type of product. If used incorrectly, activated charcoal can ruin the enamel. It is advisable to use brushes with not too hard bristles and to contact the dentist for any doubt.  Keep reading

Whiten your teeth

charcoal teeth whitening paste

Activated charcoal toothpaste can be used as a homemade whitening treatment if there is an obvious problem with stained teeth. In this case, the advice is to use it at least twice a day for a month. For less urgent results, it can also be used only once a day, if not once every two days.

What is important is not to go beyond the suggested 3 minutes and do not overdo the dosages. As in the long run, it could harm the teeth. It could weaken the structure. Limited, controlled and constant use. On the other hand, is used for naturally having healthier and whiter teeth. The activated charcoal toothpaste is 100% natural and also contains calcium which is excellent for giving teeth strength. It integrates them with the lost minerals.


The advantages of using Activated charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste are many and easily found. In addition to being free of chemical additives. It also helps to counteract halitosis and has an excellent price if it is considered a whitening treatment.

In fact, compared to the treatments of dentists, it has a very low price. Very often complete with a practical toothbrush. As often happens, the best offers are on the web, on generalist e-shops but also online pharmacies. Alternatively, you can buy it in the best pharmacies and herbalists.

Final thought,

If Activated charcoal teeth whitening paste used every day, after a month the results will visible. The smile returns to shine and all at an affordable price without experiencing any pain. You can try instead by undergoing the bleaching treatments offered in dental clinics. So, do not be intimidated by the dark appearance of this toothpaste, it will surprise you!

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