The properties of these foods benefit your oral hygiene
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While avoiding the bad habits of drinking coffee or red wine, these recommendations will assure you brilliant results. We share some food that benefits from oral hygiene.

Apparently, there are certain foods that help with cleaning teeth and you do not have to follow a recipe!

While avoiding the bad habits of drinking coffee or red wine, these small foods will ensure you brilliant results.

We share the foods that benefit your oral hygiene

benefit your oral hygiene


In addition to being rich in fiber, it is a cleansing and nutritional fruit for the teeth since it helps to remove plaque.


They are not called the ‘natural toothbrushes’ for nothing. Crunchy food and vegetables like carrots (and apples) eliminate the annoying spots on the teeth. Keep reading


While many fruits are very acidic and hurt the teeth, the pear has a lot of water. Which promotes the production of saliva. In addition, the peel of the pear helps to neutralize the acid in the mouth that causes the fall of the teeth. It helps to maintain oral hygiene.


They have a very high level of malic acid, which can be used as a natural exfoliant to clean the surface of the teeth. To make matters worse, they contain Vitamin C, so they keep the gums strong and healthy.


The rubber keeps the teeth in place, that’s why you have to take care of it and give it the attention they deserve.

Cucumber is an excellent source of fiber for gum and teeth. In addition to helping you maintain good oral hygiene, it also removes chemicals from your smile.

Chewing gum without sugar:

It was said that chewing gum was bad for the teeth, but it really serves to hydrate the mouth. Stimulates the production of saliva, which moisturizes and cleans the gums and teeth. While the gum does not have sugar, you will not have to worry about falling teeth. It helps to maintain oral hygiene.


Everyone knows that soda, coffee and wine dirty teeth, that’s why colorless water is, of course, the best remedy for a white smile.


Cheese has a milk protein that protects the teeth. More cheese will never be over!

Banana peel:

It has been reported that the banana has many vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and manganese, which help whiten teeth. What you can do is pass the banana peel (the inner part) over your teeth with circular movements and that’s it! It helps to maintain oral hygiene.

These foods will help you have a healthy white smile, but none of these serve as a replacement for a dentist and a specialized opinion. You may also like Stages Formation of dental cavities and affected areas

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