What dentists say about whitening teeth with activated charcoal
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Activated charcoal has become one of the star ingredients in many products, from food to personal care products such as soaps, masks, and creams. Among the latest cosmetic items to incorporate this material have been dental whiteners.

Dozens of ads appear on web pages and several tutorials on YouTube explain how to have a whiter and brighter smile after rubbing a black paste against your teeth. But what do the specialists of this product really think?

From the American Dental Association (ADA) explain that there is no scientific evidence to support the fact that this product helps whiten teeth and get a brighter smile.

Remedies for whiten your teeth

Activated carbon is an abrasive material that “can even make them look more yellowish,” they add from the ADA. This happens because, although what we try is to whiten the enamel, these hard materials end up damaging it and the teeth are more exposed, exposing a “softer and yellow layer called dentine”. The same goes for other products such as baking soda.

The American Dental Association also expresses its verdict on other materials that we usually use as home bleach. Keep reading Activated Carbon To Bleach The Teeth

Acidic foods

There is a popular belief that the use of acidic foods -such as citrus or vinegar- helps to have whiter teeth. The ADA ensures that the habit of eating fruit is always a good option, although we should not keep contact between teeth and acidic foods too long: “They may end up damaging the enamel.”

Spices and oils

Far from what one might think, “there is no scientific evidence to show that oil or turmeric whitens teeth,” clarifies the ADA.

Instead of these home remedies that can give us the opposite result to the desired one, the Association recommends following daily dental hygiene guidelines:

– Wash your teeth twice a day for two minutes.

– Use toothpaste approved by the associations of dentists.

– Clean the spaces between the teeth once a day.

– Limit foods that stain your teeth, such as coffee, wine or tea.

– Do not smoke or chew tobacco.

– Make regular visits to the dentist to check that everything goes properly and clean when appropriate.

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