7 reasons why you should do dental checkup when you feel pain
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Many people use pain as the only indication that something is not right in their mouth. Only when the pain appears, the possibility of going to the dentist is considered. But this attitude is completely wrong, as well as very dangerous. The problem can be greater. Because of some patients with high tolerance to pain or more foolish. They never do the dental checkup. Except when the pain becomes unbearable.

In this article, I am going to show you the 7 reasons why you should do dental checkup as soon as you start to feel pain.

7 reasons for the dental checkup

dental checkup

If you are one of those who only does the dental checkup when you feel pain. Pay close attention to the advice I am going to give you. Because you can be in danger if you ignore these signs:

Cavities produce pain

The cavity is the destruction of part of the dental tissue due to a bacterium. That starts demineralizing the tooth and then necrosis it. Uncontrolled caries can produce bad breath, sensitivity, and pain in varying degrees.

For that reason, if you have a tooth that hurts and you think you may have cavities, do not ignore that signal. Go to the dentist immediately.


Sudden temperature changes in the mouth when eating very cold or too hot food or drinks cause a whiplash of pain in the teeth. This sensitivity is produced by excessive wear of the enamel that leaves the dentin in the air. Whose nerve endings are very sensitive?

Another reason may be the retraction of the gums that leaves the dentin in the air generating this uncomfortable sensation. You cannot take ice creams or very cold drinks without your teeth making you see the stars. You have a problem that must be solved immediately by your dentist. Keep readingĀ https://www.everydayhealth.com/dental-health/the-top-reasons-we-avoid-the-dentist.aspx

Broken teeth

The blows to the teeth can be very painful. And more, when the blow causes a total or partial fracture. In those cases, the pain just after the accident can become unbearable.

If you have broken a tooth, you should go immediately to your dentist, since only he can prescribe an analgesic that will relieve the pain.

Also, the dentist is the right professional to give you a solution to that broken tooth.


Bruxism – to unconsciously tighten the jaws – produces not only dental wear and tooth movements. But also can cause pain in the teeth, in the head, in the jaws.

If this strong pressure on the teeth causes the cause of your pain, the dentist can make a splint to relieve the pressure while you sleep.

Wisdom teeth

It is very common that the wisdom teeth hurt when leaving. And the pain can become unbearable if infections occur. In these cases, along with severe pain and swollen gums, fever and general malaise usually appear. In many occasions, the only way to avoid pain is by extracting these wisdom teeth.

The phlegmon

When a bacterial infection reaches the root of a tooth or a tooth, it is possible that pus accumulates in some localized area of the gums. It is causing a large inflammation in the shape of a lump.

The appearance of a phlegmon is a more than sufficient reason to go immediately to the dentist.

Periodontal diseases

Infections in the gums such as gingivitis and periodontitis can also cause pain in the mouth, along with another discomfort. However, unlike other diseases, inflammations of the gums caused by an infection do not present continuous pain. Sometimes even disappearing without the pathology having been eradicated.

Therefore, if at any time you feel pain in the gums, go immediately to your dentist because there is a problem that should be treated as soon as possible.

Are you ignoring the signs your body send you?

We have already seen in this article that the appearance of pain should always be understood as a warning to the body. So that, you go to the dentist immediately. Discover through exploration if there is any pathology that has not yet given the face and that at the moment is not causing you discomfort. If we find latent caries or some gum problem, we will be in time to tackle the problem before it gets out of control and causes major problems.

The dental checkup is essential for all person in every month. Perform prophylactic cleanings that largely prevent the appearance of possible ailments. Keep in mind that, no matter how rigorous you are with your dental hygiene. The work we do in dental clinics is basic to maintaining optimal oral health.

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